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Hello to all my visitors! My real name is Pam Costa, 
and I started Quilting in 1990, by taking a sampler quilt class 
at a local quilt store. Three of my friends from work and I learned to make 6 
different patterns, each one using a new technique, from log cabins to applique 
and hand-piecing of diamond and triangle patterns to get the good points. 
Now, each of us has branched off into different areas, building our talents, 
becoming more proficient, perfecting our favorite techniques. 
One of the quilts we each finished was the Grandma's Country Album Quilt  I
from past issues of McCalls Quilting Magazine. 
Every issue gave us three block patterns to do... 
It was a challenge because we all used different colors, and the quilts 
look different even though all three are made from basically the same pattern. 
You can see my own finished Grandma's Country Album Quilt I up above, 
and I have also finished the Grandma's Country Album II.  *Smile*

We now get together for special shopping trips to distant quilt shops,and we 
depend on each other for color and fabric consultations..often setting up 
"challenge quilts" where we each use the same pattern, but different colors, 
patterns and techniques; and wow, do the quilts look different at the end!

I piece most of my quilts by machine, then getting to the part I like best... 
all the hand stitching: quilting the patterns and doing the applique. 
I don't care how long it takes...just enjoy doing it! I try to choose a quilt 
each time that will let me experiment in a new style...some I do again, 
and some I will NEVER make again..(like the wedding ring quilt...too boring!) 
But is sure did make a great shower gift for my son's fiance! 
And I guess I should never say never... 
because I was feeling tempted to do another...*sigh* 

Next I worked on the "Roseville Quilt"  by Maggie Walker.  
What a challenge that one was!

I loved it so much that I am now working on another one of

Maggies quilts called "The Blue Collection"

As soon as I get some pictures taken, I will post them.

I entered one of my quilts in a quilt show at a friend's church. 
It is called my "Friendship Garden Quilt"; and it was done completely by hand! 
I got the fabrics from my quilting buddies' stashes.. so that when we look at the quilt, 
it brings back good memories of all the quilts we have made, 
over all the time we have been quilting together.

Well, here is the final picture of my ICQ Friendship Cyber-Quilt. 
A group of internet friends got together to swap Friendship Stars, 
And this is how I put them all together.

"Click" on the picture of the quilt to see more info, 
and where all the gals came from.

Thanks to all of you gals, for the lovely blocks! 
Lots of "Cyber Hugs" to all!

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If you have a Story of your own to share, please e-mail me, 
I would love to include it in my Favorite Stories!

Mother's Quilt 
by Sally D. Thomas

Mother's quilt is getting old, 
And frayed from years of wear. 
I love this quilt and each small stitch, 
Sewn with loving care.

It takes me to my childhood days, 
When she held me in her lap; 
And rocked me till I fell asleep, 
For my daily nap.

When I woke I felt so warm, 
With that old quilt tucked around me. 
I'd lie there quietly watching her, 
Till she turned around and found me.

Now I'm grown and Mother's gone, 
But the memory still lingers; 
Of all the love she sewed into 
That quilt with nimble fingers.


I am also a member of several Quilting Rings. 
If you have not tried them yet. Take a look at my 
Rings Page... 
You will enjoy it, and find many new sites to travel to!

I am so proud to have received this award for my quilting site! 
Thank you so much,Connie. 
I love your Free Motion Quilting and Graphics Page too! 
It demonstrates a beautiful way to do quilted backgrounds. 
(Learn how to machine quilt your background 
to give the quilt a very distinctive look) 

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