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Q19 -  Friendship Garden Quilt


Quilt #19 This is my "Friendship Garden Quilt". It was done completely by hand! It took about 6 months. 
I got the fabrics from my own and my quilting buddies' stashes... so that when we all look at the quilt, 
it brings back good memories of all the quilts we have made, during our quilting time together. 
Above, you will see it as I was working on the hand quilting; 
and below, you will see it at a quilt show at a friend's church. 
Ooooops! And there I am too!

The orange and black quilt in the background on my right is Karen's "Jacob's Ladder Quilt". 
We told her she couldn't make another pink quilt , so she experimented with these colors. 
It is one of my favorites of all her quilts!


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