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Q21 - My Double Wedding Ring Quilt 

Quilt #21 This is the Double Wedding Ring Quilt that Karen and I did as another little "challenge". 
I love the way it turned out, but it is difficult to make with all the curved edges to piece evenly. 
It is very tedious to do, and I was glad when it was sewn together, and I could start 
the "fun" part of hand quilting it. I gave it to my new daughter-in-law as a shower gift. 
I hope to take a better picture so that the hand quilting design stands out more. 

Below you will see Karen's Quilt. She really did it the traditional way, 
with the arcs being made of individual small pieces of different colored fabrics! 
I took the easy way out and used a floral fabric for solid arc pieces. 
(...and she will never let me forget it, either!!)


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