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The Baths, Virgin Gorda, Virgin Islands

This is the island of Virgin Gorda and we are at a beach called The Baths 

The only way to the Baths is a long walk down a cliffy region and 
then through boulders and crawl spaces, sometimes on hands 
and knees in as much as a foot or two of water. 
After getting to the shore we did more crawling 
along the boulder strewn coastline to our destination. 
We all agreed, the most interesting snorkeling yet. 

Let's walk and crawl 


 Finally, out in the open. 

On the beach, looking left 



A little to the right 

Take not of those big, round boulders. They look like gourds

hence the name, Virgin Gorda



The middle 
Notice here. That is a friend of ours, Tom Drake 
We found out later that he and his wife Kim were on the same cruise 


The right 

On to Snorkeling at The Baths