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Tub Placement Page

Lowering The Tub Onto The Frame 

There were a few things we had to get in order before putting the tub onto the frame 
One was to make sure all was tightened up in the front suspension AND 
install the gas pedal linkage that runs along the firewall, which is MUCH 
easier at that time. 
Also, having a chain hoist made it all that much easier and much more relaxing, if that's the word I should use. 

Hooking up the chain hoist at the four outrigger connections



Raising her off of the home made jig.... for the last time?



The Tub weighs 450 lbs






Moving the rolling jig out 

Readying the rolling chassis 


Lowering her onto the chassis 

Checking things out while I keep her steady at the front 

Putting temporary blocks of wood on the frame to remove the chains 

Placing the padding strips to different points along the frame 

Now we wait for the primed panels to fit for the final painting 



How it all began 
September 2006 


And Now 
October 2012 


Panel final assembly and fitting...before going back to the painter 


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A Video on Lowering Tub

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