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Radiator Removal Page

Apron Removed 
to change the Radiator

Up on the workbench 

I should have taped the bumper to prevent scratching the paint when removing it. 
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Just a tiny scratch...but, a scratch, nonetheless 

Two bolts were missing, and three snapped off. 
It did come off without too much trouble though. 
No rust, or rot at all - I was glad of that.. 

No obvious radiator leaks but some hints of future ones 

Someone painted the under-bonnet area black.

Or maybe the original color was black 


Original Radiator, for sure

Radiator removed 

While I'm here, might as well change the water pump 
Maybe a little power wash too. 

Power washed everything. Seems it was preserved through the years by heavy grease 


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