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Petrol (stop-tap) Valve Page

The petrol valve was leaking 


Situated against the left wing, just below the steering column 

A closer look shows a real mess 

Time to syphon the petrol tank 
By the way, use a regular syphon hose. Petrol isn't easy on the palate 

On the workbench 

A closer look. It's always nice to see that parts are original 


Polished up a mite 

Some metals are just nice to look at 

Needed a new cork. Tighten that little screw below the cork, expanding 
it for a snug fit. 
After having a devil of a time trying to adjust the cork just right, I was tempted to get a 
different, more modern valve. I just couldn't bring myself to do that. 
I finally got it adjusted just right. 


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