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Final Panel Placement Page


Panel Assembly, before going back to the painter 
for the

Final?? painting. 



Having gotten the panels back from the painter, it's now time for final assembly 
Placing the panels onto the tub in situ (reversing the procedure of disassembly - grin) 
Notice how Sean (Apex Auto Body) painted the edges of each panel. 


The B-post 
Not having to worry abou getting into the 'cracks' 

Passenger side - where scuttle meets the wing 

Boot area - where driver's side rear wing is joined 
meets it 

The rear passenger wing 
Notice how he painted the edges, all around, so as not to have to paint beteen the gaps on the final paint 

Rear of boot 


Trying to get the most I can installed. 
Can't wait! 
I even put the wiper mechanism in. I know, I know. It needs to come off for the final painting. 

Again...the edges are painted 






The bonnet fits now, with no hump in the middle. 
We laid it on a piece of plywood, carefully pressing down in the middle. 
It was just enough to do the trick, lining it up with the apron


All wings, and wherever it's not noticable were undercoated 


Inner doors, boot lid, spare tire lid, and bonnet were all painted body color 

Excuse the dust 
Anyone know what those little square patches are? They don't seem to be through to the outside. They're just tacked onto the underside. 
I'm thinking patches for an old luggage rack install? 

I'll be cutting new white oak pieces....When I get around to it 

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