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Painting Tub Page

The Painted Tub 
Apex Auto Body 
1228 Park Street 
Stoughton, Mass 


We decided on Apex Auto Body in Stoughton, Mass to do the final painting 
British Racing Green was our color of choice.

Actually, it's 2003 Jaguar BRG 
Here it has an epoxy primer coat, covered with a rubberized undercoat...then four coats of one-stage BRG 
Two stage painting is planned on the outside, the part that shows.


Notice the light colored undercoat inside the rear wing 
The light green you see is just from over spray. 

Back home again. See her smile? 
Even the bird opened it's side door (left) to take a peek.


With the rear wing well blackened with another coat of undercoat


Now the next step is to lower it onto the chassis and fit the primed panels on to be painted the final two-stage coats 

Lowering the Tub onto the Chassis 

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