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Paint Stripping Page

Stripping The Paint 

Here we go...the start of another stage. 


It said to wait for 10 to 15 minutes, then scrape off 

Why wait that long. It looked good after a few short minutes. 
I should have known better then read the instructions 

Ut-Oh...It only took the top coat off, leaving the primer. Back to reading the instructions. 


One more coat. Only this time I'll wait at least ten minutes. Seems they know what they're talking about. 

Now for the boot lid. This time, after brushing it on, I grabbed a cold drink and  listened to my favorite radio station. 
It came off like a charm using a razor scraper. Good instructions, for sure. 


At first I thought it was that Triumph Apple Green from the 70's, but the more I investigated it, 
I think it's that '70's primer they used back then. 


Here's the boot lid all stripped. Those sand markings were there, under the paint. 
Notice the two one inch spots of bondo, one on each side, about half way up. 
maybe they had a luggage rack installed at one time? 


It came off so easy when one follow's the instructions on the can. 



I quickly added some zinc based POR-15 Metal Ready before any rust formed 

Here's what I found under the Stone Guard on the right, rear wing 


Rear Wing. Notice the stone guard mark now, on the lower right. It needed a little 
sanding and cursing, but it came out pretty good. 



I talked to Pam and she agreed to leave the parts in the kitchen until I got that zinc coating on them. 
Too humid in the barn. I had to do the dishes for a week, but it was well worth it. Notice the bondo patch I found under the paint. 



Early the next morning I put that zinc coating on. Notice the discoloration. It made it look like it was galvanized. Good stuff. 


Even the underside of the front apron looked good. 


After razor scrapping the paint off, I wiped it down with a dry rag (no rinse yet). Then I rubbed it completely with course steel wool. 
Then I rinsed it with the hose, while rubbing it with a new steel wool pad. There were times I had to add more paint remover, but only here and there. 
I could have done two or three parts at once, but I chose to do them one at a time. Much neater....and more relaxing. 


On to getting it back from the welder/fabricator 

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