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Engine Removal Page

And all I wanted was to change the water pump...

While fixing something...never, never...say..."while I'm at it!"


Notice the colors of the valances. Every color but the correct body color. 
I decided to strip and re-paint the under-bonnet area 
But, while I'm at it, I have to remove the engine completely in order to do a decent job. 


One thing to watch out for is not to let the engine hit that throttle rod that runs along the firewall.


 Make a note of the route the oil line runs to the filter




While I'm at it...the engine, no doubt, needs much clean-up too. 

And while I'm at it...maybe a paint job too. 


Hmmm, might as well paint her, while she is out 


Polish some of that alluminum, while I'm at it too. 

I was right... that the expression: 
"While I'm at it" 
is one of the most costly sayings there is. 

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