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Engine Mounting Page

Engine Reassembly and Mounting 

Son, Richie...Replacing the Intake Manifold 
 still fits! No more "50 years of grime" 


Broken Flywheel Bolts! 

Broken Bolts all drilled out! 

Newly turned flywheel with new 'pressed on' Ring Gear. 
The guy that turned it said he hasn't seen steel this hard in many years. 

Securing it to the engine hoist 

All tied up and ready to go!! 

Double checking the knots. We used nylon to prevent scratches 


Over she goes 

Down she goes! Easy does it! 


Securing the Mounts 

Note the Jack under the sump (until the gearbox is in place) 


Then the new Clutch 




The Carbs were next 

I'm still amazed -- No More Grime! 



Two of my Grandkids--checking it out. Jacob wants a steering wheel 

On to Sandblasting the Tub 

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