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Carburator Rebuild Page

Skinner Union  (SU) Carbs 

The engine was idling at 2200 RPM 
The throttle shaft on the carbs was loose, letting too much air in. 
There was no way to set them right without a rebuild


Notice the black on the underside of the intake manifold. 
The sparking plugs were fouled too. Another sure sign the carbs needed work 

Pulled them off. Notice the wiring too. The color code made un-recognizable after 50 years. 
No surprise there.. Also the bent linkage. 


I failed to take a picture of what I found in the bowls. Gunk...mixed with water and gas. 
It's a small wonder it ran at all. 

I decided to send them out for the re-build 


I'm a baker....not a high-tech mechanic. No way I was going to tackle that job. 

I sent them out to Joe Curto in New York 


 New shafts, bushing, etc etc etc. He treated them like they were his own 


I can't wait to hear that 800 RPM idle 


New everything! 


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