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Arrival Day


First day....arriving via flatbed...June 5, 2006 






Easy Does It........ 



Nice and slow now...



That's it....Good thing I was there to supervise 

I think I'll keep it right here. It sure looks good against the green grass backdrop 
She'll be kept in my barn.....heated in winter....air-conditioned in summer...thanks 
to my woodworking hobby. 

You can grandson approved

Hold on seatbelts!


You're ahda heah Jacob...Mommie know's best 


My daughter took Jacob away 

Richie, my oldest...Checking her out 

Not too bad...just needs a little clean-up here and there. 
The muffler is shot...better order a new one. 

Pretty good looking interior. Seats were re-done. Dash looks like she was redone too. 

Just taking pictures here and there 
Radiator hoses need changing, maybe a tune-up too? 

The cork gasket on the master cylinder is a little dry.  More than a few overflow leaks here 

Wondering if I can get this kink out....then have her chromed maybe? 

Seems to be the only visible Passenger side rocker panel 

A Trip back to 1960, and my original '60 TR3a 
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