The Costa Family

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Ormond Beach, Florida 
January - February, 2004 

Room  with a view. 

Looking south from our room on the 5th floor 

Looking North 

The sunrises are usually beautiful 
If we can get up in time 

Our morning walks are something to look forward to 
The morning mist can add a nice effect too 

Our hotel 
The yellow one with the brown trim 

Pam and Raquel sunbathing on the right 
That's Marge and Floyd on the left 

Pam on one of her many beach walks 
The pretty one in the orange top 

No matter where we go, Pam seems to find a quilt shop 
This one was in Deland, Fl 

The Players

Some of the Snow Birds

Our nightly coffee hour 


Our Front Desk friends 


Jean and George 


Raquel and Donna 



Ken and Arlette 



Don and Donna 



Roe and Mike 



Pam and Charlie 



Henry and Raquel 



Floyd and Marge 



George and Elise 



Arthur Freed 



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