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Our Return to Eleuthera, Bahamas after 50 years

US Naval Facility Eleuthera, Bahamas 

(NavFac Eleuthera) 

January, 2004

I was stationed here when I was in the US Navy back in 1965 
So this was also a mini reunion with two of my Navy buddies and our wives 


Our trip...and our Reunion

One of the Out Islands of the Bahamian chain 
It is situated 52 miles east of Nassau. 
A long, skinny island shaped like a slightly 
bent bone with some of the most beautiful 
beaches you will see anywhere. 
It is  110 miles long and at one 
point (at what is called the Glass Window Bridge) 
only about 20 feet wide.

It is here where I met two guys who ended 
up to be my life long buddies. 
We ushered in eachother's weddings, 
went to all of the children's weddings 
and generally, kept in touch throughout the years.

So here we are, forty years later, 
going back to the "Rock" with our wives, 

We were stationed at what was called a Naval Facility. 
It was a relatively small Navy base with 
a compliment of officers and men totaling about 110. 

We flew in from Miami International 
on an 18 place plane. The white one in the middle
As you can see, not many people fly 
to this island. 
That's what makes it so special...and relaxing.


No stewardesses on this flight.

In fact, our pilot gave the flight instructions. 



Flying at an altitude of 8000 ft made for some 
beautiful views of the Bahamas 


The Terminal was about the size of an average 
house. No lines, no aggravation. 
A sample of what was to come 


Now on to the Casa Lono

the house we rented in Governour's Harbor



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