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My Router Table 
Built - Fall 2002 


The Back

Built-in Vacuum System - The main PVC goes into the table and comes up under the 
router compartment in the form of a sink drain. The left one goes to the vacuum. The top one 
will lead to the fence system on top and the right branch will go to the other tools in the dust system. 
Notice that the electrical connections are plugs and removable. 
Black for vacuum and the orange one for main power. The switch to the left is for the light.


Below the Router compartment - Front 

The Top 
Router compartment has a light. Not really necessary for bit changing, but a fun addition just the same. 
The main switch (right front) turns on the router and vacuum system together. 
The light is switched in rear of table 

Drawer design and set-up 

Front View 


I'm not totally satisified with the fence system I made. It needs work.....Or...a new design. 

If you are interested in making this tableClick Here to go to Joe John's 
Site for Complete Plans




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