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Quilt Chest For My Wife Pam 

I wish I could say that I made this without plans, but I cannot tell a lie. I got the plans from Wood Magazine 

I got the wood (pine) from my Son, when he tore it off of the walls, in the spare room, to make a room for their little girl. 
Expected this October....I might add.

I planed it down to get the shellac off of one side and the white paint off of the other. 
I'm assuming the wood is from the '50s or '60s. 



It was my first experiment using and making paneled sides. What fun! 
Pam just couldn't wait to put a few of her quilts in it. 


Notice the lid supports on either side. Nice touch so little fingers don't get slammed. 
It stays open at any position. We must think of the grandkids 


New joinery for me too. Another fun part 

Not as intricate as Pam's Quilt, but nice anyway 


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