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Not much to the town of Pisa 
It has a leaning tower, *smile*,that's about it for tourists. 
Very pretty town with a river running through it. 
The one bad thing about it is that it has lots of honky tonk 
booths. Notice along the right hand side of that street there are 
tents. Lots of sale items there. 
That shadow you see is from the arch I am standing under. Behind me, 
beyond the arch is more stands with everything and anything 
for sale. More than you could imagine. It reminded me of 
those childhood carnivals of old. 


Don't get me wrong, it is a very romantic village, and very pretty, 
expecially along the river. And as usual, the people were very friendly.

Check this picture out.

That's my Pam...always trying to fix things 



The tower was closed that summer, only to open a month 
after we were there. They were in the process of shoring up 
the foundation. 


It seems that as it was being built and while they were building 
the third level, they noticed it was starting to pitch to one side. 
Instead of stopping construction, what they decided was to build the next level 
off to the high side a bit and so on and so forth for a few more levels. Well, 
it did help for a time, and seemed ok when it was finished, only to start tilting 
once again. Also, this isn't the only leaning tower in Italy. There are many more 
around the country. Two more in Venice which you will see later.

Let's go back in time to a little walled-in 
City called San Gimignano