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I have decided to make a page that will pay tribute 
to my family's Guardian Angels. 
I have believed almost my whole life that 
I was being watched over by Guardian Angels! 
I can feel them around me, and often pray to them, 
and talk to them. 
I know there are more than one because 
it would take more than one to do what they do! 
*Big Smile*


The story I want to share with you happened to my son, Charles, in February, 1998. 


That night, Charles was helping out some of his friends, Pat. Eric, Chris and Tye, who had a band called "Moonrage", that did "gigs" in the New Bedford, Mass. area. Charles worked the lights and sound for the band, and they all were returning from a club date in the early morning of February 8th, 1998. 

Pat had gone ahead with one van, to put away the equipment. He saw a "Tracker" going the WRONG way, in the passing lane, at a very high rate of speed. Eric and Chris, traveling in a second vehicle, also passed the drunken speeder. They said afterwards that they were so glad they weren't driving in the passing lane, but they were worried about the third car behind them, with Charles and Tye in it. As they watched in their rearview mirror, they saw the wrong-way driver smash into another car! Being terrified that the other car was the one Charles and Tye were in, they turned around, and drove back to the scene of the accident,  and stopped on the other side of the road. Eric immediately got on the car phone to call the police and the rescue squad. 

In the meantime, Charles and Tye were driving a ways behind them and as they were going up a hill they saw a man in the middle of the road waving his arms and signaling them to slow down! There wasn't a car or a house in sight and they both thought "That guy must be drunk!", but then they thought, "Hey, maybe He's really trying to tell us something", so they slowed down. 

As Charles and Tye came over the hill, they saw the accident, and they stopped the car in the breakdown lane to go to the aide of the victims. They were the first people on the scene right after the crash. The Tracker ended up on the side of the road, on a ramp off the highway, turned around, with the driver hanging upside down out of the car. They checked him, and thought he was dead! The other car was turned around too, with it's back bumper against the center guardrail. 

They ran over to the lady driver, and were trying to comfort her, telling her that Eric was calling the police and the rescue, and that help would be there soon. 

During this time, about 5 other cars had stopped behind Charles and Tye's car, in the right-hand lanes of the highway, watching what was going on; and Eric and Chris were parked on the other side of the highway, making the calls. 

Suddenly Charles looked over the roof of the lady's car and saw headlights bearing down at them going very fast. He yelled at Tye "Run, we're gonna get hit!" 

Tye ran towards the breakdown lane, and Charles thinks he tried to jump over the guardrail. But he doesn't remember anything after seeing the headlights, and yelling. 

A guy in a large Dodge Ram pickup truck, came over the hill speeding, and not being able to stop in time, hit the lady's car broadside throwing it 40 ft across the road. Tye had his hand smashed, either by the lady's car or by the speeding truck. But Charles wasn't as "lucky"! 

From looking at the Police Report of the accident, it appears that Charles was picked up on the hood of the speeding truck, and carried 100 ft. down the road, finally being thrown to the pavement 15 ft. in front of the truck, when the driver finally stopped! 

Tye, Eric and Chris,seeing the whole thing happen, ran around trying to find Charles! The driver didn't even know he had hit him, until the fellas came running up looking for him. They finally found Charles lying on the pavement 15 ft. in front of the truck, face down in a pool of blood. Charles was not moving, and they all thought he was dead! 

Eric knelt down and put his hand on Charles' back, and started to pray for his soul. But Tye said, "No , we have to pray that he will not die!" Then Charles started to move, and when he tried to sit up, they held him down. The ambulance had already been called for the first accident, and arrived quickly. 

Eric got back on the phone and called his wife, Rhonda, and she called Angel, Charles' wife, who called my daughter, Sue, and me. Just exactly the call that all parents pray they NEVER get at 2:30 AM ! 

When I called St. Luke's Hospital for directions, I was told that they hadn't arrived yet, but two ambulances were heading there with severe trauma victims on board. 

My Husband , Charlie was sick in bed with the flu, and couldn't go with me. The rest of us all headed down to New Bedford, not knowing what we would find once we arrived! On the way there, I passed a car that was crossing the median strip ,starting to drive down the wrong way on the highway. "What is going on tonight?" I thought. And I didn't know where Angel and Sue were either. What if they were behind me? 

When I arrived at the emergency room, Sue, Angel and her Mom, and the fellas from the band were already there. They said Charles was in X-ray, and the nurse would be out soon to give us a report. After waiting for what seemed a very long time, I went to the desk and asked if anyone could please come out to tell us what was going on? 

A nurse finally came out and told us that they were going to re-xray him, because they couldn't believe it! It appeared that he had NO BROKEN BONES! Only one broken tooth! She also said that he was pretty cut up, and that he had a gash on his left eyebrow, and a hole in his left elbow and lots of "road burns" all over him. They were checking for a concussion, and internal injuries. We would be able to see him as soon as he came back from x-ray. 

We were all in tears, and Tye kept saying "I should have pulled him with me". I hugged Tye, and said that there was no way to know if that would have been better, or if that would have been worse! He might have been hit full-on and killed! 

When we finally got in to see him, he hadn't been cleaned up at all yet. He was covered in blood, and all huddled up in the fetal position. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, not to show terror on my face! I bent over and just told him that the nurses said that he didn't have any broken bones, and they would patch him up and he would be okay! We were all praying for him. 

Angel was so strong. I guess she was thinking the same thing ... We had to be positive, for him. 

The waiting room had filled up with family and friends from their church. The nurses were so patient, and let people in to pray quietly around him, and allowed Angel and I to stay with him all the time. The Plastic Surgeon finally came in and sewed up his wounds, and counselled us on what to do for all the "Road Burns" to his face, back of hands, elbows and knees. They bandaged him up, and since the hospital and the emergency room were filled to overflowing, and he showed no signs of concussion or confusion, they bandaged him up, wrapped him in a blanket, and discharged him to home. 


All his family and friends were surrounding him as he got in my car to go home. He was glad to be able to go home, but had a long course of treatments to go through before he would be able to go back to work. 

They found that after he stopped taking the pain pills, that his spine was "bent" and he then had to go to a chiropractor, for treatments, which he did for quite awhile, even though he went back to work on light duty. 

The young lady hurt in the accident ended up with a very seriously fractured leg, that had to be repaired by surgery. She was to spend many weeks on crutches, trying to get back to walking normally.She had a steel rod put in her leg, which was scheduled  to be removed with another operation scheduled later that spring. 

Someone said that they had seen the drunken driver lying covered with a sheet after the accident, but we didn't see his death reported anywhere.

The driver of the Dodge Ram and his passenger were unhurt! After he stopped the truck, he got out and said to the police,  
"I was going too fast, I must have been going at least 75 miles an hour!"  
Both he, and the drunken driver were cited at the scene. 

Final Thoughts:

Who was that man in the road? 
(Noone else saw him as far as we know,  
and there wasn't a car or house around.)

Where did he come from?  
Was he a Guardian Angel?

Why didn't Charles have any broken bones at all? 
(He must have been "picked up" in mid-air 
while he was trying to jump over the guard rail.)

Were there "heavenly hands" holding him  
on the hood of the truck until it stopped?  

We probably will never know for sure,  
But I know in my heart that his Guardian Angels were watching over him  
and protecting him from terrible injuries and death! 

I told him I thought that God had a special plan for him, 
and protected him from harm!




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