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Magazine Rack / Remotes Keeper  


This is a combination Ottoman, Remote Holder, TV Guide/magazine rack, with a spare bottom drawer. 

Having a double-sided Recliner Sofa, we don't have room for a full-sized coffee table. 
So Pam came up with this idea.


 I used Minwax Semi-Gloss Polyurethane - no stain on the outside. 

I used a Minwax Fruitwood stain inside the top box, which will hold the remotes, etc. 

 Instead of wheels, we decided to put solid legs. I used T- nuts to attach them. 

After using the ottoman with these legs, we found that it is hard to move. 
I may add casters later. 

 I like to experiment with different styles of joinery 


  The Top drawer front is just for looks 




 I put teflon tape on the bottom of the drawer for easy sliding. 


 My daughter helped my daughter upholster the top. 



Now, each Recliner can be extended without bothering the Ottoman 


Looks like our Grandson found the Remotes 

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