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Q1 - My First Quilt




Well, Here Goes... 

This was my first quilt. I joined a Beginners Sampler Class with 3 of my friends from work. 
We used the book called "The Sampler Quilt" by Diana Leone for all the patterns. 
I first planned it as twin-sized, but then decided to make it king-sized. I kept adding fabric, 
and making more squares, until I thought it was big enough. That is why it is so "rosy" in color: 
when I got to the lattice, I could only find more of that rose fabric. 
(Learned a good lesson.. buy all the fabric you need for the basics at the start!) 
I used the thickest batting, thinking it would be better, but that was much too hard to hand quilt through, 
so I ended up tying it together with quilters' knots. I am now hand-quilting it, 
but it is a slow process with the heavy batting to go through. 
Most of it has to be done in the "dive bomb" stitch. Yikes!

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