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Descendants of the 'Montreal'  THOMAS GALLERY



**According to Francis Ste. Claire Manson, the name Gallery comes from the 
French derivative meaning "gas-du-roi", or people of the king.** 

Generation No. 1

I. THOMAS1 GALLERY was born 1809 in , Slivedooley, Labasheeda, County Clare, Ireland, 
and died February 09, 1869, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
He married MARY ELLEN O'NEIL February 07, 1842 in Labasheeda, County Clare, Ireland. 
She was born 1830 in Ireland, and died 1901 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, of St. Ann's Parish.

NOTE: Thomas Gallery emigrated to Canada in approx. 1867, from Ennis, County Clare, Ireland with his sons. 
His son John Gallery was fourteen when he emigrated. Mary Ellen O'Neil did not emigrate to Canada 
with her husband, Thomas Gallery. She stayed in Ireland with a sick daughter, 
Mary Gallery, (sickness unknown) until the child died and then came over.

Children of THOMAS GALLERY and MARY O'NEIL are: 
JAMES2 GALLERY, b. ?, listed in 1894-5 as working at Gallery & Brothers, 164 Young Street in Montreal. 
Later reported to have entered the seminary, but left due to illness. d.1910, Montreal. 
MICHAEL GALLERY, b. ?, youngest of the Gallery brothers to emigrate from Ireland. Listed in 1894-5 as working as a cooper 
at 216 William Street in Montreal, then joined Gallery & Brothers Bakery. d. February 1939, Montreal. 
JOHN GALLERY, b. February 28, 1847, Labasheeda, County Clare, Ireland. 
Baptismal sponsors were James Mullony and Bridget O'Neil. 
CATHERINE GALLERY, b. 1849; d. December 1932, Montreal. Known as "Aunt Kate". 
PATRICK GALLERY, b. 1849, Ennis, County Clare, Ireland; d. Montreal. 
THOMAS GALLERY, b. 1852, County Clare, Ireland; worked at Gallery & Brothers Bakery. d. June 04, 1887, Montreal; m. MARY UNKNOWN. 
JOHN DANIEL GALLERY, b. June 10, 1853, Labasheeda, Ennis, County Clare, Ireland; d. January 03, 1931, 221 McDougall, Outremont, Montreal. 
DANIEL GALLERY, b. April 13, 1859, Slivedooley, County Clare, Ireland. 
MARY GALLERY, b. September 08, 1861, Slievedooley, County Clare, Ireland. 
She was, according to verbal family history, the daughter of Thomas Gallery 
and Mary Ellen O'Neil who was too sick to emigrate to Canada. 
Her mother stayed with her in Ireland until her death, and then she emigrated. 
Her baptismal sponsors were Michael Walsh and Mary Foley.

Generation No. 2

2. PATRICK2 GALLERY (THOMAS1) was born 1849 in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland, and died in Montreal. 
He married ANNIE WALSH. She was born 1857 in Ontario, Canada. 
He was a partner in Gallery Brothers Bakery, which was established in 1876.

**Francis3 and Patrick3 Gallery (see below) lived with their parents until their father Patrick died. 
They then lived with their mother until they took "Holy Orders". Of course, John2 Daniel Gallery, their uncle, helped with their education and summer 
holidays, etc, their father Patrick having been a partner in "Gallery Brothers". 
ANNIE3 GALLERY, b. 1884, Quebec, Canada; d. October 1933. 
MAUREEN3 GALLERY, b. 1886, Quebec, Canada; d. February 1905. 
JOHN3 GALLERY, b. 1889, Quebec, Canada; d. December 1956. 
PATRICK3 GALLERY, FR., b. 1891, Quebec, Canada. (**See note above, under his brother Francis3)

3. JOHN DANIEL2 GALLERY (THOMAS1) was born June 10, 1853 in Labasheeda, Ennis, County Clare, Ireland, 
and died January 03, 1931 in 221 McDougall, Outremont, Montreal. 
He married MARGARET KEATING, JR on June 11, 1888 in St. Anthony's, Montreal. 
She was the daughter of daughter of John Keating and of Mary Dwyer of St. Anthony's parish 
She was born 1869 in Montreal, and died December 27, 1935 in Outremont, Montreal. 
Notes for JOHN DANIEL GALLERY: Was the second generation of the Gallery line, after his father Thomas. 
He emigrated to Canada in approx. 1867, when he was fourteen, with his father and brothers from Ennis, County Clare, Ireland. 
He was a partner in Gallery & Brothers Bakery which grew to be one of Montreal's largest bakeries. 
He also sponsored four children in his house, by the names of Francis, Patrick, May and Dorothy. 
(Francis and Patrick lived with their parents until their father, Patrick Gallery, died. 
They continued to live with their mother until they both took "Holy Orders". 
John Daniel Gallery, their uncle, helped with their education and summer holidays.) 
May became a Nun and took the name of Sister Mary of St. Ita. 
She apparently died about 1985, once again according to Joan Potter (Sproule).

MARGUERITE3 GALLERY, d. January 05, 1891, Montreal. 
MARY MAMIE GALLERY, b. 1889, Montreal; d. 1973, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada. 
THOMAS ANTHONY GALLERY, b. 1891, Montreal, d. June 1892, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
died at the age of one year in 1892. 
MARGARET BARBARA GALLERY, b. September 01, 1894, Montreal; d. January 02, 1972, St. Lambert, Quebec, Canada. never married.d.1972. 
JOSEPH GERALD GALLERY, b. May 16, 1895, Montreal; d. August 05, 1896, Montreal . 
CATHERINE GALLERY, b. October 03, 1896, Montreal; d. September 14, 1897, Montreal. 
EILEEN GALLERY, b. March 30, 1898, Montreal; d. 1985 , Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
CATHERINE AGNES ANNE "KITTY" GALLERY, b. March 13, 1900, Montreal; d. August 1983 of cancer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
GERTRUDE GALLERY, b. January 29, 1902, Montreal; d. March 07, 1998, 
Beloeil, Quebec, Canada. married UNKNOWN MANSON. 
ROSE MARY GALLERY, b. August 28, 1904, Montreal; d. May 25, 1995, St. Mary's Hosp, 
son of William Edward Potter and Eliza Sarah Jane Price Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Both Rose Gallery 
and her brother James, were each one of twins, the latter dying at birth in each case. Rose died 
on May 25, 1995 at St. Mary's Hospital in Montreal after suffering two heart attacks. 
JAMES PATRICK GALLERY, b. July 02, 1906; d. October 29, 1962, Montreal; m. PATRICIA QUIRK, 1946, 
St. Patrick's, Lady Chapel, Montreal; b. 1911; d. May 17, 1989, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
DANIEL2 GALLERY (THOMAS1) was born April 13, 1859 in Slivedooley, County Clare, Ireland. 
He married MATHILDA "MILDRED" O'NEIL February 04, 1889 in St. Mary's, Montreal. She was born 1860 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
Daniel Gallery was one of the original Gallery brothers to emigrate to Canada from Ireland and establish 
the then famous Gallery Brothers Bakery in Montreal. Also was a Federal Member of Parliament. 
By descent, Mr. Gallery is connected with the historic families of Ireland, including the Sheehys, Lysinths, and McMahons.

JOHN O'NEILL3 GALLERY, d. June 13, 1964. 
(7 other children's names remain unknown)

Generation No. 3

5. MARY MAMIE3 GALLERY (JOHN DANIEL2, THOMAS1) was born 1889 in Montreal, and died 1973 in Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada. 
She married JAMES P. O'REILLY. He was born in Montreal, and died in Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1973.

Children of MARY GALLERY and JAMES O'REILLY are: 
MARGARET "PEGGY"4 O'REILLY, b. 1915, Montreal; m. Church/Ascension, Westmount, Quebec, Canada. 
JOHN O'REILLY, b. 1918; d. 1945. He was a lieutenant in the Canadian army who was shot by a German sniper on V.E. Day in 1945. 
JAMES O'REILLY, b. 1921. died on active service for the RCAF over Holland, according to Rose Gallery. 
ELIZABETH "BETTY" O'REILLY, b. 1922, Outremont, Quebec, Canada; m. LEON DEVIN, 
Loyola Church, Montreal.Burial: December 1988. 
SHEILA O'REILLY, b. 1924, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; d. December 1988, Saranac Lake, New York, U.S.A. 
m. "DOU" MORGAN, Church/Ascension, Westmount, Quebec, Canada. 
PATRICIA "RITA" O'REILLY, b. 1926; d. 1928. 
Notes for PATRICIA "RITA" O'REILLY: Rita O'Reilly was a baby who died in her second year of life as a result of 
some misfunction in her thymus gland.Burial: December 1928. The latter information is from Rose Gallery in 1991.

6. EILEEN3 GALLERY (JOHN DANIEL2, THOMAS1) was born March 30, 1898 in Montreal, 
and died 1985 in Montreal. She married NELSON CALDWELL POTTER in St. Michael's, Outremont, Quebec, Canada. 
He was born January 07, 1894 in 26 St. Philip St, Montreal,son of William Edward Potter and Eliza Sarah Jane Price, 
and he died December 22, 1964 in St. Mary's Hosp., Montreal. He fought in World War I as a gunner. 
He enlisted in the service on June 11, 1917 and was discharged on May 12, 1919. His theatres of service 
were in Canada, France and Britain. He was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

JOAN ELIZABETH4 POTTER, b. May 22, 1928, Outremont, Quebec, Canada. 
JOHN NEAL POTTER, b. December 08, 1931, Outremont, Quebec, Canada.

7. GERTRUDE3 GALLERY (JOHN DANIEL2, THOMAS1) was born January 29, 1902 in Montreal, and died March 07, 1998 
in Beloeil, Quebec, Canada. She married FRANCIS ST.CLAIR MANSON June 18, 1928 
in St. Michael's, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was born June 15, 1904 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada. 
He was a longtime employee of Bell Canada, now retired.

CAROL ANN4 MANSON, b. March 28, 1934, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
JOHN WILLIAM MANSON, b. November 11, 1939, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
8. JOHN O'NEILL3 GALLERY (DANIEL2, THOMAS1) died June 13, 1964. He married KATHERINE ISABEL HINGSTON October 31,1933. 
She was born October 24, 1918 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

BRIAN O'NEILL4 GALLERY, b. October 11, 1934, Montreal. 
LILLIAN GALLERY, b. April 23, 1936, Montreal.

Generation No. 4

9. JOAN ELIZABETH4 POTTER (EILEEN3 GALLERY, JOHN DANIEL2, THOMAS1) was born May 22, 1928 in Outremont, Quebec, Canada. 
She married ROBERT STANLEY SPROULE April 28, 1953 in Church/Ascension, Westmount, Quebec, Canada. 
He was born September 04, 1915 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Children of JOAN POTTER and ROBERT SPROULE are: 
ROBERT5 SPROULE, b. March 11, 1954, Montreal. 
JOHN SPROULE, b. August 12, 1955, Montreal; m. LIDIA LABATE, September 16, 1989. 
DONALD SPROULE, b. December 26, 1956, Montreal; m. HELENE LAMOUREUX, St. Ignatius, Loyola, Montreal. 
ANNE SPROULE, b. March 09, 1958, Montreal; m. JOHN GRAINGER, November 24, 1988, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 
EILEEN SPROULE, b. April 02, 1960, Montreal; m. DAVID CLARK, December 1989, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 
Eileen Sproule is a producer of stage plays. And David Clark was born in England an is an actor and producer. 
STEPHEN SPROULE, b. May 13, 1964, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

10. JOHN NEAL4 POTTER (EILEEN3 GALLERY, JOHN DANIEL2, THOMAS1) was born December 08, 1931 in Outremont, Quebec, Canada. 
He married ANNE-MARIE CLAUDETTE LIZETTE MATTE March 16, 1956 in , Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. 
She was born July 24, 1932 in Portneuf Station, Quebec, Canada. 
John Neal Potter worked for Bell Canada and retired at the age of 57 as a third level manager.

Children of JOHN POTTER and ANNE-MARIE MATTE are: 
SUSAN ELIZABETH ANNE5 POTTER, b. October 01, 1957, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada; 
m. JOHN COURTLAND LEE, October 18, 1980, Loyola Chapel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; 
b. March 13, 1956, St. Mary's Hosp., Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
His middle name is in honour of maternal grandfather, John Courtland Stuart Delaney. 
John is the keeper of the family genealogical information. Started entire project so that 
Kathleen Elizabeth Lee, his first offspring, would know her roots. 
He is currently a member of the World Broadcasting Union`s (WBU) Inter-Union Satellite Operations Group (ISOG) 
and the Canadian Satellite Users`Association (CSUA). Since May 10, 1978, he has worked for the CBC Engineering in Montreal, Quebec. 
and is currently Director, Broadcast and Telecom Networks for CBC Technology. 
MICHAEL NELSON POTTER, b. June 30, 1959, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; 
m. (1) CAROLE SUZANNE MARTEL, July 07, 1984, Mountainview Bap, Mt Ste Hilaire, Quebec, Canada; b. April 04, 1959; 
m. (2) SYLVIE DION, April 16, 1994, Baptist Evangel, Mt-St-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. 
JOHN NEAL POTTER, b. November 26, 1961, Montreal; m. MANON BOULANGER, July 14, 1990, Mt. St-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. 
JOANNE EILEEN POTTER, b. January 05, 1973, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada; m. SEAN THOMAS COOPER, August 19, 2000, 
Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, Otterburn Park, Quebec; b. July 27, 1972, Fogo, Newfoundland.

11. CAROL ANN4 MANSON (GERTRUDE3 GALLERY, JOHN DANIEL2, THOMAS1) was born March 28, 1934 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. adopted. 
She married JOHN TERENCE ROURKE June 25, 1955 in Ste Anne de Var., Varennes, Quebec, Canada. 
He was born August 01, 1931 in St. Joseph's, London, Ontario, Canada.

Children of CAROL MANSON and JOHN ROURKE are: JOHN FRANCIS5 ROURKE, b. May 26, 1956, St. Joseph's, London, Ontario, Canada; m. DEBORAH LYNN ROSE, 
March 31, 1979, St. Aiden's, London, Ontario, Canada; b. April 20, 1956, Belleville, Ontario, Canada. 
CATHERINE ANNE ROURKE, b. January 06, 1958, St. Joseph's, London, Ontario, Canada; 
m. (1) ROBERT GARY THOMPSON, October 22, 1977, St. Michael's, London, Ontario, Canada; 
m. (2) LENARD CONSTANTINO COLEIRO, February 10, 1990, St. Justin's, London, Ontario, Canada; b. May 25, 1962,Malta. 
KEVIN PATRICK ROURKE, b. February 01, 1959, St. Joseph's, London, Ontario, Canada. 
SUSAN ELIZABETH ROURKE, b. August 20, 1960, St. Joseph's, London, Ontario, Canada. 
MARY JANET ROURKE, b. March 10, 1964, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; m. ROBERT LYLE HATHAWAY, 
August 17, 1985, St. Michael's, London, Ontario, Canada.

12. JOHN WILLIAM4 MANSON (GERTRUDE3 GALLERY, JOHN DANIEL2, THOMAS1) was born November 11, 1939 in Montreal.adopted. 
He married ANNA MARIE CRAIGEN June 28, 1969 in St.Carthagh's, Tweed, Ontario, Canada.

Children of JOHN MANSON and ANNA CRAIGEN are: MARIYA (MIA)5 MANSON, b. April 30, 1970. 
JEFFERY WILLIAM (DUFFY) MANSON, b. May 08, 1973. STEPHANIE MANSON, b. January 13, 1975.

13. BRIAN O'NEILL4 GALLERY (JOHN O'NEILL3, DANIEL2, THOMAS1) was born October 11, 1934 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
He married NANCY MACNAUGHTON June 03, 1967. 
Brian Gallery was Mayor of the City of Westmount in the 1980-1984 timeframe.

ANNE5 GALLERY, b. November 03, 1968. 
MARIE GRANT GALLERY, b. June 04, 1970. 

14. LILLIAN4 GALLERY (JOHN O'NEILL3, DANIEL2, THOMAS1) was born April 23, 1936 in Montreal. 
She married NELSON PORTER April 27, 1957.

KATHERINE5 PORTER, b. March 25, 1958. 
DAVID PORTER, b. April 24, 1959. 
CYNTHIA PORTER, b. January 14, 1961.

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