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Martinique Page


This was a beautiful island 
We decided to rent our own taxicab instead of taking a "Ship tour" 
We met two other couples on the dock who joined us in the cab, 
Theresa and Marty from Iowa and another couple from Canada. 

Let's start with the Rain Forest







Are you aware that there is one bunch per plant? 
And it takes 9 months to mature? 
Why so cheap at the stores?  


Then we drove through a nice little town on our way back to the coast  







We then stopped at the spot where Christopher Columbus landed back in 1494 
The last Hurricane blew the Columbus monument over so Theresa and I took turns making Chris' pose 
Say Theresa, send that pic of you up there and I'll post it also...You make a much prettier statue than I


Now our drive to the scenic coast and two towns on our way back to the boat



When we got back to the ship, Keith called our cabin asking me if I wanted to go with him to the topless beach. 
Thinking that a topless beach was either a beach without sand or maybe no palm trees I said yes. 
Never thinking what it meant....Innocent me, of course. 
We had to take a cab to a ferry then take a short walk to the beach. 
Our wives, Deb and Pam came along so as to make sure we didn't get into any trouble.


  Sorry guys, no pictures of beach.


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