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Navy Base Page #3

Enlisted Men's Club 
Public Works 


We played a lot of shuffleboard here 


No series of pictures is complete in Eleuthera 
without a picture of a batmoth...remember? 

The inside of this place was like someone ran out, leaving everything behind 

We found motors, thousands of small parts lying on the floor, telephones, etc. 
A real mess...sad 
I noticed that the gas station was moved. When we were there it was 
to the left of the PWD. It was moved nearer to the gate. 


Like I said, Nick was an electrician. 

Here he is standing at his old workbench 

Us again, outside of Nick's office 


For those of you who remember our shopping days 


I need help with this one. I have a good memory, but it just isn't very long these days.

The Public works is to the right. Is that the Navy Exchange on the left over my right shoulder? 


Let's compare some old and new pictures



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