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Navy Base Page #2

The Beach area of the Base 


This is what was called the Catchment Basin 
Our main source of drinking water was collected rainwater 
from this basin, pumped into large water tanks. 
Quite overgrown these days. 
Notice the telephone pole off to the left, in the middle of the basin. 
The islanders ran what looked like a 14/2 romex wire from the t-building 
down to the pump at the bottom of the basin. I would hate to think 
of the voltage drop they caused. It seems they have been trying to 
make use of this basin since the base closing, to no avail 



Water tanks. The T-building would be to my right. 
Pump house on the left. The light was on and the door open 
but we couldn't find anyone around. 


Here's Jim and Harriet on the beach just off of the catchment 
Not a footprint in sight. 
What those tourists in Cancun wouldn't do for some of 
this peace and quiet

On hot nights, we'd sleep on this beach 


  Let's take a quick jaunt across the island to the Caribbean side 

The M-boat pier 
Navy supplies would be received here weekly if I remember correctly. 
On the road to this pier is the Navy Beach, now called Receiver's Beach 
Named after the Navy where we "received" our supplies. 
By the way, great snorkeling from here, along to the right, all the 
way to Receiver's Beach. 
Not sure how it was later on, but in the '60s we had a concrete sided lean-to 
and a barbeque area and the captain had a cook posted here on 
the weekends to cook for any of us who wanted to spend some time  

Back to the base and the three muskateers in front of the T-building 
That window is new. At least new to us '65 '66 guys. 
There were no windows at all in the T-building 


Now on to the EM-Club and Public Works




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