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Navy Base Page #1

The Base 
As  of 2004 


Looking from the entrance of the T-Building to the Enlisted 
men's Barracks 
I remember during Hurricane Betsy in '65, we strung a rope 
from the bottom of the barracks to the t-building gate 
to give us something to hold on to while going to work.

Jim (Radioman) and his wife Harriet in the foreground 
Nick (Electrician) and his wife Joan in the background 

More of the barracks 
Quite overgrown. We had a hard time getting to the main door 
and into the rec room 


Here is a picture of how it looked back in 1965 
(Thanks to Dale Wos for this photo) 

Second deck in the barracks 
Looking towards main hall and stairway 

My rack 
Second deck and my window overlooked the road to 
the t-building...5 Star for sure. 


Here's my rack back in 1966 



A little different angle 
T-building to my back. That's the em-club roof above our van. 
That building on the right is our fresh water pump house 


Entering the main door of the Chow hall 
Wardroom would be behind that wall to our left 



Looking back the other way. Wardroom straight through 
that door on the right. 
Sad, isn't it. 

OK, before we go to the EM-club, let's take a look at 
the catchment basin and the Navy beach below it.


Now on to the Beach at the Base


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