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Governor's Harbor Airport - 1965 - And More...


Governor's Harbour Airport 
(and more) 




The Terminal 
One desk - one attendant did it all




Also used by the US Navy and US Air Force 


From the  Queen's Highway 


Looking South. That's the Queen's Highway on the left. 
Much narrower in those days 
At some points you had to stop to let a car go the other way 


The Cotton Bay Club (nice socks) 


Navy Base Entrance 


Nick Christmas - standing guard 


I believe this is a driveway to a house on the beach now. 


Receiver's Beach - That's the Navy Beach Hut  (BBQ, beer, etc.) 


Receiver's Beach again...Nick and I entertaining two tourists from Montreal 





Me and the old Ford 
Not sure where this is - either the M-boat (supply ship) pier or South Palmetto Point 


More old pictures




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