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Denali National Park


We stayed here at the Chalets for two nights. 
Took a 7 hour bus ride into the park where we saw wildlife and Mt McKinley 
(the natives like to call it by it's original name, (Mt  Denali). 
It is the highest peak in North America

We took a fixed winged flight across Delani Park to the McKinley Range. 
No Pictures, just white knuckles, sorry. 
We hit rain, sleet and whatever else could happen.

We also went white water rafting here. 

Sue and Marty getting ready to cllimb Mt Mckinley 
BTW, it is over Sue's left shoulder in those clouds. 
Incidentally, the base of those mountains are 5 miles away 

Pam and I waiting for Sue and Marty to call from the summit 

See the grizzlie? 
Can you make it out in the lower right corner? 
Get the magnifying glass out. 
So sue me ! Next time you can chance getting closer. 

But I did brave getting a closeup of this Dall Sheep. 
Pam thinks I'm so macho. 
BTW, These sheep are unique to Denali 

That afternoon we went White Water Rafting. 
Judy, Pam, me 
Joe was too nervous to be in the picture, holding on for dear life 

That's Pam and me in the sun glasses. 
Judy and Joe to the left. A little rougher than the Hudson, eh Joe? 
And oh yes, that wave to my left did get us very wet 

And now on to College Fjord