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College Fjord

We boarded the ship in Seward and sailed to College Fjord, arriving the next morning. 
Each glacier in this Fjord is named after a college, hence the name. 
Doh !


We arrived at College Fjord at about 6 AM so I was up on deck 
at about 6:30. It was windy and cold but the excitement, plus a hot 
cup of coffee seemed to make it toasty warm.

This is the largest of the glaciers in College Fjord, Harvard Glacier. 
Those black lines are called moraines, caused by two or more glaciers joining. 
Notice how this one has 3 moraines because it was formed by 4 glaciers joining. 
Look up beyond the glacier and you can see the four that formed it. 
By the way, Harvard glacier is a mile and a half wide. 
Very deceiving. 

To our left is Yale glacier. See the single moraine? You got it ! 

Sue joined me first, followed by Pam. Here they are with the ship a little 
closer to Harvard glacier 

That front wall, about equal to the stack on that ship, is 250 feet high. 
I'm not talking about the high point you see, I mean the front wall, 
just a little higher than that ship's stack. 

We saw a lot of this. 
People just staring ...and staring...quietly amazed at the beauty of it all. 

Everywhere you looked was a photo op 


After about an hour with the ship just sitting there, it was finally time to leave. 

It's even beautiful in black and white 

Now on to Glacier Bay