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Butterfly-Leaf Chess Table 

Made of 4/4 Maple, this project is a stretch for me. Techniques I've never used. 
I'd like to say that beading around the board was planned but I shall not tell a lie. 
While cutting the opening, I did a no-no and pulled the router away while it was still going, taking a gouge 
out of the side. 
I must say though, that after re-routing the opening a little bigger and putting that bead around the inner edge, 
that it does give it a nice touch. No? 


The Underside 
I cut a rabbit to allow for the quarter inch oak plywood for backing, drilling small holes 
 so I could finger push the board out, when necessary. 


The Top 
Just deep enough to make the Chessboard flush with the border. 


With Chessboard Inserted 
Nothing is permanent yet, nothing glued or driven home. 
Pam was thinking to, maybe staining the beading a little darker color, 
to make it proud of the rest. Hmmmm 


The Finished Top - Stained - One coat Shellac to seal it - Three Coats of Urethane 
Notice the small, gold bead around the board. We decided a lighter color there. It's also Maple with Golden Oak Stain 


The Completed Underside - Rotate-able board to hold Butterfly Leafs up 


Full View 


Finished View - With Leafs Closed 


We bought the Marble Chessboard in Mexico on our first Cruise back in '87 with hopes of some day 
building a table around it. Well, being retired I finally have the time 


My Wife, Pam made these Ceramic Chess Pieces back in '84 with hopes of finding a Chessboard worthy 
of her artistry 


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